long1 W1S1 [lɔŋ US lo:ŋ] adj comparative longer superlative longest
1¦(great length)¦
2¦(great distance)¦
3¦(large amount of time)¦
4¦(particular length/distance/time)¦
9 how long is a piece of string?
10 the long and (the) short of it
11 the long arm of somebody/something
12 long face
13 long in the tooth
14 not long for this world
15 long on something
16 long odds
17 in the long run/term
18 long shot
19 long time no see
20 take the long view (of something)
21 a long way
22 long weekend
[: Old English; Origin: long, lang]
measuring a great length from one end to the other
≠ ↑short
a long table
long hair
the longest tunnel in the world
He stretched out his long legs .
a long line of people
continuing or travelling a great distance from one place to another
≠ ↑short
a long distance
Springfield is a long way from Chicago.
Liz lives in Cheltenham, which is a long way away .
long journey/walk/flight/drive etc
(=a journey etc over a large distance that takes a lot of time)
It's a long walk to the shops from here.
continuing for a large amount of time, or for a larger amount of time than usual
≠ ↑short
a long period of time
a long history of success
He has a long memory .
(for) a long time/while
He's been gone a long time.
I haven't been there for a long while.
It took a long time to get everything ready.
She died a long time ago .
long silence/pause/delay etc
There was a long silence before anybody spoke.
She's recovering from a long illness .
Doctors often work long hours (=work for more time than is usual) .
the longest time
AmE spoken (=a very long time)
It took me the longest time to figure out how to open the windows.
used to talk or ask about a particular length, distance, or time
How long is your garden?
How long is the film?
The cable is not quite long enough .
two metres/three miles etc long
The bridge is 140 feet long.
two hours/three days etc long
The speech was twenty minutes long.
5.) ¦(WRITING)¦
containing a lot of words, letters, names, or pages
≠ ↑short
a long novel
a long list
He has a very long name .
He owes money to a list of people as long as your arm (=a very long list) .
6.) ¦(CLOTHING)¦
covering all of your arms or legs
≠ ↑short
a long dress
a long-sleeved shirt
spoken making you feel tired or bored
It's been a long day .
8.) ¦(VOWEL)¦
technical a long vowel in a word is pronounced for a longer time than a short vowel with the same sound
≠ ↑short
9.) how long is a piece of string?
BrE spoken used when there is no definite answer to a question
'How long will it take to finish the project?' 'How long is a piece of string?'
10.) the long and (the) short of it
spoken used when you are telling someone the most important facts about something rather than all the details
The long and the short of it is that we missed the train.
11.) the long arm of sb/sth
written the power of someone or something that has authority, especially to catch and punish someone
He won't escape the long arm of the law .
12.) long face
a sad or disappointed expression on someone's face
13.) long in the tooth informal
too old - used humorously
I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for this sort of thing.
14.) not long for this world
literary likely to die or stop existing soon
15.) long on sth
having a lot of a quality
He was short on patience, but long on a sense of his own worth.
16.) long odds
if there are long odds against something happening, it is very unlikely that it will happen
17.) in the long run/term
used when talking about what will happen at a later time or when something is finished
All our hard work will be worth it in the long run .
18.) long shot
someone or something with very little chance of success
Chelsea are a 20-1 long shot to win the championship.
19.) long time no see
spoken used humorously to say hello when you have not seen someone for a long time
20.) take the long view (of sth)
to think about the effect that something will have in the future rather than what happens now
21.) a long way
very much, far, or a great amount or degree
We're still a long way from achieving our sales targets.
Psychiatry has come a long way (=developed a lot) since the 1920s.
Your contributions will go a long way towards helping children in need (=will help to reach a goal) .
by a long way/shot
informal also by a long chalk
BrE (=used when something is much better, quicker, cheaper etc)
It was his best performance this year, by a long way.
not by a long way/shot
informal also not by a long chalk
BrE (=not at all or not nearly)
He had not told Rory everything, not by a long shot.
22.) long weekend
three or more days, including Saturday and Sunday, when you do not have to go to work or school
at (long) last atlast3 (2), it's a long story atstory(10), cut/make a long story short atstory, a little (of sth) goes a long way atlittle2 (5), have a long way to go atway1 (19)
continuing for a long time: lengthy
continuing for much too long: interminable, marathon, endless, long-winded, long-drawn-out, protracted
continuing for a long time and not changing: permanent, lasting, lifelong
when feelings last for a long time: lingering, abiding, enduring, lasting
long 2
long2 W1S1 adv
1.) for a long time
Have you been waiting long ?
Reform of the law is long overdue .
long established traditions
2.) used to ask and talk about particular amounts of time
How long will it take to get there?
Try to keep going for as long as possible .
It took me longer than I thought it would.
3.) at a time that is a long time before or after a particular time
long before/after sth
This all happened long before you were born.
long ago/since
He should have left her long ago.
It wasn't long before (=soon) Lisa arrived.
4.) for long [usually in questions and negatives]
for a long time
Have you known them for long?
I haven't seen her for so long that I've forgotten what she looks like.
5.) as/so long as
a) used to say that one thing can happen or be true only if another thing happens or is true
You can go out to play as long as you stay in the back yard.
b) used to say that one thing will continue to happen or be true if another thing happens or is true at the same time
As long as we keep playing well, we'll keep winning games.
6.) (for) as long as
used to talk about something continuing for the amount of time that you want, need, or is possible
You can stay for as long as you want .
She tried to stay awake for as long as she could .
The fruit should be left on the tree as long as possible .
7.) no longer/not any longer
used when something used to happen or be true in the past but does not happen or is not true now
The extra workers won't be needed any longer.
It's no longer a secret.
8.) before long
soon or in a short time
Before long a large crowd had gathered outside the building.
It's likely that the law will be abolished before long.
9.) sb/sth/it won't be long
spoken used to say that someone or something will be ready, will be back, will happen etc soon
Wait here - I won't be long.
Dinner won't be long.
10.) all day/year/summer etc long
during all of the day etc
11.) so long
spoken especially AmE goodbye
12.) long live sb/sth
used to show support for a person, idea, principle, or nation
Long live the King!
long 3
long3 v [I]
[: Old English; Origin: langian]
to want something very much, especially when it seems unlikely to happen soon
long to do sth
He longed to see her again.
long for
She longed for the chance to speak to him in private.
long for sb to do sth
She longed for him to return.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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